Qualitative risk assessments are carried out to identify the accident scenarios which might occur at the facility of interest and to assess their consequences, likehoods and risks. The results are finally expressed by qualitative categories. If the risks are too high, the measures are recommended to reduce them to acceptable level. ENCONET performs qualitative risk assessments by implementing widely recognised methods (What-If, HAZOP, FMEA, …) and specialised software applications.

Selected references

  • Risk assessment in Sisak Refinery by implementing What-If method (KP-IV Unifining, KP-IV Platforming, KP-VI Atmospheric Distillation, Aromatics, Sulfolane, …)
  • Risk assessment in Rijeka Refinery by implementing What-If method (Unifining, Platforming, Toping III, Recuperation, Merox)
  • Risk assessment for IVANA A/K platforms (Revamping Project) by implementing HAZOP method