Emergencies are often rare events, which is why periodical education and exercising are of the utmost importance. ENCONET provides the education in the emergency preparedness and response area by organizing courses, seminars and workshops. Moreover, ENCONET develops, controls and evaluates emergency exercises at all levels – from local to international.

Selected references

  • Evaluation of the performance of Croatian institutions in INEX, ConvEx and ECUREX international exercises
  • Preparation, control and evaluation of the series of exercises and workshops organized for the State Office for Radiological and Nuclear Safety
  • Organization of the educational seminars on preparedness and response for the population living in the emergency planning zones of Krsko Nuclear Power Plant and Paks Nuclear Power Plant
  • Education of the first responders (police, fire fighters and emergency medical service) from Zagreb, Osijek, Rijeka and Split on the response in case of radiological emergency
  • Preparation, control and evaluation of “Jarun 2014” exercise, focused on the actions to be taken by the first responders in case of radiological emergency